Whether it’s for business, love or life, Tia is the wing-woman, who champions the way for Alpha Entrepreneurs to live in the mastery of their intimate power, so they can create the thriving relationships they truly desire in and out of the bedroom.

To book a session, or a complimentary 30 min discovery call please contact All sessions are conducted virtually and works with women from all parts of the globe.


“My experiences with Tia are incredibly insightful and deeply healing. She innately marries professionalism with nurturing compassion. She creates a safe space to explore all aspects of myself and life, understanding the importance of celebrating each triumph and challenge along the way. Her guidance and wisdom is remarkable. Consider any time guided by Tia as a loving gift to your devoted heart.”

– Nikki S. Whitby, Canada

“I always feel safe with Tia. Even while she inquires within me to seek out truth, she does it with 100% heart and with my very best interests. She is very knowledgeable in tantra and has deep insight, maturity and wisdom that she brings to every coaching session.”

– Wendy W Calgary, Canada

“Tia is an unbelievably intuitive therapist. Her visualization work takes you deeper into your blocks and inner power than any regular talk therapy. I can truly believe in my hearts desires again and know I posses the support I need. I would highly recommend!”

– Sam W. Los Angeles, USA