Heralded as the ‘modern day love doctor’ for entrepreneurs, Tia Evagelou is a certified Sex, Love & Relationship coach who leads powerful people and their partners towards their most rich and sexually alive relationships – in and out of the bedroom.

To book a session, or a complimentary 30 min discovery call please contact All sessions are conducted virtually and works with women from all parts of the globe.


“I had a couple of incredible nights with my partner after our first session and I know it helped open some things up for sure. I really like the desire statement we came up. I’ve got that written out and I’m coming back to it every day.”

– Tim S., Ontario Canada

“Tia lives embodiment tools; it shows in the way she relates and coaches. Beyond her knowledge and graceful guidance, she has what I haven’t experienced with other coaches: an unmatched capacity to hold and challenge me in the really difficult places of my experience. As someone who has received therapy and coaching before, I have become skilled at sidestepping important aspects that I am patterned to avoid. Tia has a strong intuition and in a consensual, safe way, held me accountable for the places she noticed I avoided. In response, I would sometimes get irritated with her and she consistently showed up for me in a strong, loving manner. It truly takes a skilled coach to hold the stark mirror of truth with deep compassion, and in my experience, that is where Tia’s mastery lies. I felt unlimited permission in my session with Tia. She is so comfortable, I am able to go deep quickly. With every session, I know more deeply what it means to own my sexual power. Her container is safe, nurturing and accountable. Entering into a commitment with her work is not to be taken lightly. It is a deep dive for those who truly desire transformation enough to see what they have been unwilling/unable to see.”

– V. Welch, Texas, USA

“My sessions with Tia were frankly amazing. I felt like I stepped into my true power. I didn’t even realize I was so stuck and stagnant in so many aspects of my life. Tia helped me regain more of my masculinity in ways I never imagined.”

– J. Mcleod Ontario, Canada